5 Things to Consider for Loft Conversions in Richmond

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5 Things to Consider for Loft Conversions in Richmond

Loft conversions are a great way to add more living space to a home. Loft conversions are done to add extra bedrooms for growing families, to create a home office for busy professionals or just to give an unused attic its own unique look and feel.

Converting a loft in Richmond isn’t easy, but it can be done with some careful thought and planning. Here are five things to
consider if you’re planning a loft conversion in Richmond:

1. What do you want to do with space?

One of the most important things to think about is what this extra space will be used for? If it’s going to be used for bedrooms or extra living space, then start planning your designs and furniture purchases around that idea. If it’s going to be a home office or home theatre, make sure you have enough space for the items you want and go from there.

2. Know your rules and regulations.

Richmond like any town has its own rules and regulations when it comes to building permits and expansions. You may want to go to your local county government’s website to find out what paperwork or permissions you need to have before you can begin converting your loft. If you ignore this step, you could end up paying fines or penalties for failure to comply with those rules.

3. Think about shared walls.

If you live in an apartment or townhome, there may be adjoining walls that you share with neighbours on either side of you. If this is the case, you may need to obtain special permission from those neighbours before you can start renovations. They have to agree and allow you to begin the project. Consult your homeowners’ association guidelines and secure these permissions as soon as possible to avoid project delays.

4. Are there obstacles to be aware of?

Not every loft area is ideal for conversion. You may have to deal with chimneys, vents, insulation and other obstacles. Knowing the things that could interfere with your project can help you find ways to work around them. Keep them in mind and finding creative solutions can make your conversion even better than expected.

5. Do you want to do everything yourself?

Many people enjoy do-it-yourself projects. They can handle the job all by themselves or with the aid of a few select family members and friends. Others don’t have the same aptitude. That’s when you need to enlist Richmond professional builders to get the job done right. Professional contractors can take your vision and create a loft space that is functional and fashionable.

Loft conversions in Richmond can take some time, but the effort and money spent are definitely well worth it. It opens up living space and can actually add value to your home. It gives you more room to congregate with people who matter the most. A nicely designed loft can be the highlight of social activities in your home for many years to come.


Garden Design Tips to build your dream space

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Garden Design Tips to build your dream space

designing our garden is a very pleasing task for most of us. While with time we can make certain changes in our garden like changing the plantation or adding a climber plant or adding a new bright coloured plant to our garden, but some things cannot be changed frequently. These include the pavements on the garden and plot division for plantation and other minor structures for the entertainment of your kids or pets. So, while designing these initial steps of your garden it is important that you plan properly and then go ahead with the construction work. Some garden design tips by Luton based gardeners are mentioned to help you.


  • The first thing you need to do is have a layout of the entire plot available for your garden area. Most of the time the available area is not a definite square or rectangle or circle rather it has irregular structure and you have to work cautiously so that they do not spoil the look of your garden. You can use the GPS system to have a look at how exactly your plot looks like.
  • Once you have the layout fill your plot with you should fill the plot with irregular overlapping and integrating shapes. It is not necessary to allocate the plot functions at this point of time, just have a rough idea about how you want to fill in the plot area you have in hand. Say you want a circular structure in the centre, so draw a circle at the centre of the plot and then put shapes surrounding it to balance the geometrical structure your plot has.
  • After that, you need to decide where you want to build your sitting area or swing for kids or both. Place them according to your wish and then surround those areas with plantations, this helps to make your garden look green and peaceful. Because every time you take a seat in your garden you definitely would like to have a look at some greenery.
  • Another important factor you need to keep in mind while designing anything is that the 3-dimensional structure of your garden make sure that none of the structures should be too tall, otherwise your garden might look awkward.
  • A good splash of colour can add life to your garden. Choose a bright coloured plantation for the entrance of your garden. Your entrance is very important and you should put some effort into it.
  • If you are putting a swing or have some high places on your garden or even the garden walls you can decorate them with a climber plant. But do not choose a colourful bright coloured one a simple green climber is good enough.
  • If you have some odd place in your garden which does not come in the rectangle of your garden area then preferably you can cement that part of the garden and put your sitting arrangement there. This will help to acquire the rectangular space available for spaced plantation.

Keep these aspects in mind and implement your ideas to build your dream space. Happy gardening!

Frozen pipes during winter in London

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How to stop and deal with a frozen pipe

As the temperature drops, the water pipes in your house are at greater risk of being frosty and torn. Frozen water pipes can blowout and cause big issues if they are not handled directly.

During the winter months, your plumbing pipe can be frozen inside the wall because of cold climate and rainstorm.

The results of frozen pipelines can be much served and can be very expensive to repair. Apart from this, as cold climate affects most individuals in a specific area, plumbing facilities are generally extremely needed. If you experiencing frozen pipes issues please get in touch with your local London plumbers.

Countering Frozen Pipes:

Frozen pipe during winter in London is a severe plumbing issue. Frozen pipes are being experienced more generally due to cold winters. Take the following measures to make sure that to get through from water pipes in more chilled days.

Plumbing pipes which are vulnerable to the freeze are in those unsafe areas, inclusive of inefficient basements, crawlspace, outer walls, and unattached attitudes.

It is the common understanding that one of the approaches to counter pipe from freezing is to maintain the climate hot, this means that it is not suggested to stop your water to give up the water for a long period of time throughout winter. Secondly, you can keep a convenient radiator in the vicinity of the pipe, which is exposed to frigid or you can also make use of a high watt bulb in the similar outcome.

Second great tip, especially if you are going away from the house for some time, then you have to leave your tap to keep a little leaking. This makes sure that the water is always running within the pipes, and this activity will avoid the water from freezing in the pipes.

If you are setting up a new pipeline, doesn’t install it outside the outer walls, because they will be more sensitive to the winter hazards. Many of us, sadly, do not have this opportunity.

If you have pipe installed out of the outer walls, then coating the pipe can counter frosting. To get good results, warmth edging and spun glass are two materials.

The earlier you are capable to figure out and repair a frozen pipe, there will be less destruction. When you turn on a tap and there is no water, indication of frozen pipes. Frost or snow outside the pipe is another sign of an issue, so also the pipe bumps.

When you find out a frozen pipe, it is necessary to defrost it immediately. Although there are special tools for melting pipe, nothing prevents you from using something as easy as a blow-dryer.

Although, do not make the fault of making heat from a raw fire. If you are feeling the work of defrosting a pipe a challenging job, do not think twice to appoint the Balham plumbers services.

When the pipe gets defrosted, figure out the leaking. Whenever and once the leak is discovered, then you have two choices. One is you can repair the leakage by your own, or hire the good plumber services.

How to move office in one day

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If you have watched Silicon Valley (TV Series), you know how tricky office removals can be. If you haven’t seen the series, do watch the episode where the boys shift from the incubator to the new office premises. And office removals can be even more trickier when you have to shift in one day. You have to plan every step, in advance, carefully and not invest all your budget in the furniture and décor. Here are few tips to remember when you are moving office in one day.

  • Fabricate a plan and be resolute about it

Chart out the sitting arrangement of teams in the office. Designate specific quarters to each team. Familiarize yourself with the location and take pictures. On a chart paper, map out the new location and sketch out the alignment for each team. Use sticky-notes, board markers if necessary. To give it a more organized look, you can put labels on toothpicks and plant them on the chart paper.

  • Dealing with packers and movers

Even if you are moving a small company across town, you will need to consider audited packers and Luton movers for shifting your articles. Ensure that they are using proper mode of transportation to carry your goods and while packing your goods are wrapped safely. If possible send someone trustworthy with movers for safeguarding. Choose a company which has the resource and expertise to implement potent office removals.

  • Inform your clients

What will you do if you move your office and have no clients to deal with? Inform your clients about the new location of your office. Do not forget to make changes to your business cards, website and letterhead.

  • Ordering new equipment

When buying new equipment, chairs, lighting and other furniture, double check or if needed triple check that the designated supplier can deliver your product exactly at the place where you need it and when you require it. Because if it is delivered before the shifting date, then you’ll be stuck with new furniture bubble-wrapped. And if it is delivered after the scheduled date, then you will be stuck without furniture or any other important kit. Also ensure that the new article fits in the nominated space, neither bigger nor smaller. If you want you can opt for delivery with setup option for your convenience.

  • Label it all

Generalise your belongings into categories and put them in boxes. Label the boxes and if possible, colour code the boxes. Labelling the boxes will save you from getting migraine. Put the labels in large fonts and put the ‘fragile’ tag on the delicate objects. Address your packers and that ’red boxes are supposed to go here and green will be kept here’, so that they do not mess up your stuff and no important subject is lost amongst the chaos.

These are the fundamentals you must go through before moving to your new workplace. But you can always add more to the list. Happy Shifting!

Top 4 Areas to Live in London

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Thinking to move to London? Well, if you are planning to make your base in the beautiful city standing on the river Thames, Halt here! As we help you to find the area best for you. One of the most populous cities of the UK that has a fine looking and apropos amalgamation of both heritage sites and modern skyscrapers that makes the city perfect for your habitat. It is top tourist destination and every year traveller form different part of the world embarks on the soil of this English land.

The best part of the London is that despite being a hub of art culture, finance, education, business, health care the city has its own warmth and charm that enlivens the spirit of Londoners. Now that you are planning to move to this beautiful city, and to help you here we are going to help you find the best area as per you need and requirement.  To help you to find the best place to live in London just read on.

A lot of factor comes into play thus it becomes important to be sure of your needs and requirement that this will help you to take up things in the stride. In addition, if you are working professional then it becomes much more important to find the home that is near to your place, as this will help you to know some of the points will help you find the best option in the vicinity.

 Best London areas!

It is agreed that it becomes much more important to know about top areas and to save you from the gruelling research work here we have enlisted four best areas:

  • Richmond upon Thames: if you want to live in the heart of city then, this is the perfect area for you will have great options wherein it will also give you small town feel. This area has the lowest crime rate in entire London, so if you are with your family, then this place is right for you. In addition to that, you can take up services Kensington Removals so that you can easily move without hassle.
  • Clapham: it is one of the trendiest areas in the city with great nightlife and this southwest area of London, so if you have big pocket then this area is surely for you, as this will give you all the basic amenities and luxurious lifestyle as well.
  • Notting hill: yes, the movie! Nevertheless, the expanse where you can head, as this is another area has its own charm and it has it unique whiff that makes it stand out from other areas that makes it the best one when it comes to West London.
  • Hackney: if you are in media and creative field then this is the perfect place where you can easily find the best place as it one of the most popular places for the young professionals.

These are top areas where you can find the abode so now that you are well aware of the top area just do a recce and find the best place that falls into your budget and suffices all your needs and requirement. For innocuous and best moving, you can take professional help London Removals for hassle free moving.

Improving Energy Efficiency in the Home


Adding upgrades to home décor will significantly improve the look and feel of a home. For many homeowners, purchasing and installing new flooring provides for a great home addition. Deciding which flooring style to install, however, can be a challenge for some. With options such as traditional hardwood floors, laminate floors, carpet and even tile, home flooring has become a key focal point throughout a home. One such flooring option, however, is making waves in home décor and flooring upgrades. Known as radiant floor heating systems, many homeowners are opting for this optional floor design which also provides for an efficient method to heat a home.
With cutting edge technology, the radiant flooring system is installed under concrete, tile or sub flooring. Using electrical cable systems, heat is delivered throughout the flooring and then rises to the ceiling providing for a full heating home without the need for a HVAC unit.

For a more cost effective approach, using polyethylene tubing, running hot water through the flooring, will provide for a low cost heating process. As a general rule, the use of laminate flooring and tile will provide for the most optimal outcome in this type of radiant heated flooring.

In addition to the cost efficiency of radiant heated floors, these floors provide for a calming and relaxing environment in terms of noise. In contrast to HVAC units or furnaces, the radiant heated floors run with any creating any noise and will not circulate dust or allergens; a key factor crucially important to allergy sufferers.

With cost of the installation of the radiant heated floors as the primary disadvantage, many homeowners are turning to home equity lines of credit to pay for the cost associated with radiant flooring systems. In doing so, the flooring, with the average 15 percent savings in utility expenses, will pay for itself in only a few years.

For homeowners who insist on carpeted flooring, the use of radiant heated floors is possible however, due to the insulation of the carpet, the conduction of heat will not provide for significant heating to the home. Instead, using radiant heated flooring, under carpet, will usually only provide for a nice level heating to the carpet but not heat the home.

As with any major home renovation, making decisions which will improve the value of the home, while improving energy efficiency will make for a wise financial investment, especially when utilizing home equity lines of credit or second mortgages to finance such improvements.

Perfect Tiling

Toilet design & set up. Over the years, we have gained a fame for excellence for the bathroom design and toilet set up providers that we provide. First, create a job listing on your toilet becoming venture. In our plastering workshops, we provide glorious facilities that provde the alternative to work to a practical scale.

Thomson is just not the only high-finish designer shifting into mass-produced kitchens. We can’t get enough of this subway tile, it is the most popular new trend for loos. About this course: Wish to understand how a few of the twentieth century’s most celebrated artists made abstract work?

Our venture managers have an in depth data and expertise of office removals, and can certainly assist you to plan and organise your relocation extra efficiently. Our portfolio of enterprise elimination providers embrace transition administration, move administration, asset administration, area planning, refurbishment and fit outs, IT and server relocation and environmental disposal providers.

His assortment included items from well-known artists like Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Paul Cézanne. We are dedicated to providing professional and dependable native and international shifting providers in the UK. With our confirmed ability to manage any measurement of relocations and furnishings shifting service across the UK together with London.

Nifty’s survey ensures that you’ve got the correct elimination providers – males, autos and packing supplies to just remember to do not lose worthwhile productive enterprise time and that your office furnishings remains in pristine condition. Do you have to prefer us to not go to, or daytime appointments Monday to Friday aren’t convenient for you, then please use the detailed online quote.